Silvia Wojczewski

Screening of Liebe und Wut (Love and Rage, dir. Jule Ritter, 2015, 52 min.)
followed by Skype discussion with Diane Truly and Andreas Nakic

Diane Truly

Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1943. Raised in South Dakota and Minnesota. Went away to college in Boulder, Colorado in 1961. Became pregnant by an Ethiopian man in November, 1961. Gave birth In August, 1962 and gave my son up for adoption through Catholic Charities. Stayed in touch to be sure he was adopted and offered to take him back if no home were found. They lied by claiming he was adopted when he wasn’t. Starting in 1981 searched for my son through search registries, detectives, a visit to Catholic Charities and the internet. Moved to California in 1963 and have worked, lived and raised my other two children here.

Andreas (Andy) Nakic

Born in August, 1962 to Diane Truly and Bekele Wolde Semayat in Denver, Colorado. Adopted in November, 1965 by a German national and a German American. Taken to Germany in 1967. Became a Martial Arts teacher and works with schools to promote
non-violent problem solving. Decided in August, 2013 to search for mother. Promptly found her because she was registered on the internet site searching internationally for my father but have not found him yet.