Noah Sow
Noah Sow

A book that challenges accepted paradigms.

Non-Germans may be surprised to learn about the existence of numerous Black Germans (Schwarze Deutsche) who have always been here. Even the most cautious estimates say that there are far more than 1,000,000 Blacks currently living in Germany, most of whom are German citizens. This makes up more than one percent of the country’s population.

Deutschland Schwarz Weiss

Deutschland Schwarz Weiss

With a background of years of media-watch and antiracist work, Noah Sow puts the finger into the wound of unconscious racism and erects many attention-getting stumbling blocks. Against the backdrop of Germany’s specific difficulties with race and nationality, Noah Sow speaks the uncomfortable truth from a Black German perspective, thereby starting a process of awareness that will lead to changes.

In Germany Black & White, we learn how even German UNICEF advertising campaigns use racist clichés, why Bavaria is a developing country, and why the relationships between White mothers and Black children are more than just a family affair.

Thanks to the author’s unique talent to pair hard facts with humour, the result is a book that teaches about a subject that is as important as it is painful, in a way that is effective, substantial and entertaining.

This is going to pay off – for everyone.

“Amazing, incredibly multitalented and courageous. I love her sense of humor!”
Philomena Essed

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