A Conversation with Josephine Apraku

The Films of Branwen Okpako

We invite contributions to a series of panels on Branwen Okpako’s films co-sponsored by BGHRA and the DEFA Film Library. Relevant topics might include:

  • Afro-Germanness and Afro-German creativity and artistic production;
  • Form, filmmaking, and aesthetics;
  • Postcolonial and feminist consciousness at the intersections of multiple cultural and familial traditions, norms, values;
  • Regimes of the body; femininity and gender;
  • Engagement with disciplinary regimes, e.g. the police, political regimes, or language;
  • German reunification and its repercussion on discourses of racialization, positionality and representation in Europe and Germany;
  • Family his- and herstories;
  • Affiliation and belonging;
  • Political activism and self-empowerment; and
  • The reception of Branwen Okpako’s films.