Student Exchange Program

In our effort to increase awareness of our community and encourage German Language Learning by minority Students, our president Rosemarie Pena brought a young African American woman with her to the ISD Bundestreffen in 2008. It was a life changing event for this student and she continues  to return Germany on her own to visit  friends that she met on her first trip.

We are currently seeking to broaden the scope of this program and are researching funding possibilities in order to provide more exchange opportunities in the future.

Annual Convention

Connecting Black Germans  from all over the globe and encouraging scholarship is of primary importance to us.  Find out more about our Inaugural Convention in 2011  at the German Historical Institute – DC  and our upcoming Second Annual Convention at Barnard – Columbia University on their respective websites!

Family Searches


BGHRA does not offer search consultant services, however we recognize that searching for birth family members is indeed a concern for many members of the international community of Black Germans.

In order to provide assistance to those who are seeking to find and reunite with relatives, we offer an online community where individuals can post information about those for whom they are seeking, and also find useful information and resources.

Please visit our online FAMILY SEARCH FORUM for further information.


We are working towards establishing an online academic journal on the topic of Black Germans. In addition, we anticipate translating important German language texts into English that document Black German history and contemporary culture.

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