Black Germans In Diaspora

Maisha Eggers, “Dominant Constructions of Black Children in the Two Germanies”

Moderator: Sara Lennox

Panel Session I

(moderator: Rosemarie Peña)

Ruth Spencer, “Catching Up with My Life: An African American Uncovers Her Roots in Germany”
Anna Hawthorne, “Never Give Up On Your Dreams: All Things Are Possible!
Lita Wimbley, “Leslie Littles and Else Lindenbeck”

Panel Session II

(moderator: Leroy Hopkins)

Maria I. Diedrich, “Fugitive Dreams: ‘We’-Formation among Black and White Hessians During the American Revolution”
Sabine Broeck, “Tracing Slavery in Bremen: Black Studies Beyond Empathic Ethnography”
Vanessa Plumly,“Afro-/Black Germans in Exilic Heimat”
Gundolf Graml, “Teaching Afro-German History and Culture in College Courses: A Report on Successes and Challenges”

Panel Session III

Julia Roos, “From Worms to Kentucky, via Jerusalem: The Three Diasporas of Erika M.”

Jonathan Wipplinger, “’Biguine’: The African Diasporic Presence at Weimar’s End”
Cerue Diggs, “Between the Cracks: Consideration of Gender in the Accounts of Afro-German Experiences under Hitler”
Brett M. Van Hoesen, “From Kladderadatsch’s Rhein und Ruhr”(1924) to Ingrid Mwangi’s Static Drift”(2001): Mapping the Visual Legacy of the Rhineland Controversy”

Panel Session IV

(moderator: Tina Campt)

Felicitas Jaima, “Adopting Diaspora: Black American Military Women and Germany’s ‘Brown Babies”
Sonya Donaldson, “Maternal Fantasies and Transnational Bodies: Reconstructing Afro-German Identity in the Diaspora”
Eric Allina, “‘Proud to Be in the Land of Marx and Engels?’ African Worker Life in East Germany’s Last Decade”
Peggy Piesche, “Audre Lorde and the Black Women’s Movement in Germany

Panel Session V

(moderator: Kristin Kopp)

Kevina King, “Performativity in Interviews with Black German Activists”
Ela Gezen, “’Distant Connections’: May Ayim’s Blues Aesthetic”
Michele Eley, “Toxi Transposed? Branwen Okpako’s Tal der Ahnungslosen”
Jamele Watkins, “Waiting for Recognition: Investigating Race and Identity in Afro-German Theater”

Panel Session VI

(moderator: Carmen Geschke)

Marion Kraft, “Challenges, Visions and Actions – Perspectives on the Black German Experience”
Gisella Thomas, “Du bist wer du bist – You Are Who You Are”
Rose Marie Äikäs, “Avoin Kirja (Open Book)”
Obenewaa Oduro-Opuni, “Intertwined Cultures: The African-German Perspective”

Screening of Toxi, with Introduction and Q & A with Angelica Fenner (moderator: Christian Rogowski)


(moderator Sara Lennox)