The Annual

Black German Heritage and Research Association


Fall Fundraiser

 September 15–October 15, 2021

The Black German Heritage and Research Association (BGHRA) documents and supports the activities of Black Germans internationally, and promotes scholarship relating to the historic and contemporary presence of Black people in Germany and Black Germans in the United States. In partnership with interested scholars, institutions and organizations, BGHRA advocates for the interdisciplinary inclusion of Black German history, life experience, and contemporary culture in education, and encourages bilateral exchange opportunities.

BGHRA is a nonprofit organization dependent on donations from individuals to sustain its operations. It has been a vital outlet for Black German studies and continues to host events, community meetings, and is developing new programming to support Black German studies scholars at all stages of their career. 

The BGHRA will hold its annual BGHRA Fall Fundraiser September 15–October 15, 2021. We invite community members, supporters, scholars, and students to participate.

What the Funds Will Support

Infrastructure costs such as website hosting, and related office administration matters.

  • The 2022 BGHRA Conference
  • Infrastructure costs for the development of the BGHRA Academy

Where to Donate

In order to donate money, you can use this PayPal link. You will have the option of donating a one-time amount or can elect to donate a sum each month.

For More Information


Dr. Rosemarie Peña, President of the BGHRA